the end of Spike

I ran into an old friend at Costco the other day. It was strange. But I was writing to another old friend who told me that Brad (friend I ran into) has become a "yuppie" and likes to do "rich people stuff." This made me wonder...
Am I that person too? I like to do things that could be considered "rich people stuff." am I a yuppie? I think so.

At what point did I change from the punk rocker that I was before to this boring suburban mom? When did I stop caring how "cool" I was and how into the "scene" I was? Was it around the time Rhayn was born? I think so.

How could one little bundle change my life so completely? How could she have altered my path to "punk rock enlightenment" so much? Would my old friends even recognize me... with long hair and Gap clothes? Who am I now?

Maybe I am like Sampson- only my hair is my downfall. Its length zaps my coolness and makes me unable to rock out to the same music. Or maybe it is Rhayn and I don't want to corrupt her young mind just yet with lyrics like "got a crack lab in my basement please don't tell my mommy on me," and "eat a bowl of f-ck." (just looked at the cds I probably wouldn't listen to with her in the car and Quincy Punx is like almost #1!)

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